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M.Mus. Performance Graduate Colloquium

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MUGS 605  M.Mus. Performance Graduate Colloquium

This program requirement has been designed to allow performance students in the M.Mus. program to pursue professional development opportunities and research seminars according to their own interests. To meet the requirement, students will participate in three professional development workshops or research colloquium/lectures approved by the Department, to be fulfilled in the course of their degree, on topics such as performance pedagogy, academic teaching, music and sound recording production, copyright, business, grantsmanship, etc.  

How do I register? 

You register for this course in the first semester of the program and continue until you have completed the requirement.  The course registration number is MUGS 605.  Students should register for this course only once.

How do I participate in workshops? 

You choose a workshop or lecture series from the approved list.  Note in advance where there are specific enrolment procedures (e.g., McGill Skillsets) requiring you to pre-register.  Before you attend, download the participation form below.  At the end of the workshop or lecture series, introduce yourself to the leader of the workshop or the guest lecturer and ask him or her to sign the sheet.  Return the sheet within ten days to the Music Graduate Studies office, Room A726A or B.  Participation Forms received after this time will not be accepted. 

Colloquium Participation Form [pdf]

2013-2014 Approved Workshops and Colloquium/Lecture Series

Seminars and workshops offered by the organizations and the specific seminars identified on the following list have been pre-approved.  Students are encouraged to check each organization's website regularly as they are routinely updated, as is this website as particular events are announced.  We are, for example, anticipating a series of workshops by renowned musicologist/cultural theorist/performer, Georgina Born, in the new year. Students wishing to attend seminars and workshops not on this list should consult with the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Eleanor Stubley, ten days before the event by email, eleanor [dot] stubley [at] mcgill [dot] ca.

- MMus Department of Performance Sponsored Events:

Chamber Music / New  Music: How to Build an Organization that will Thrive. The event is scheduled for 16:30-18:00 on March 12th in Tanna Schulich Hall.

The flutist Claire Chase will present a brief history of the International Contemporary Ensemble’s growth from a $500 garage-band startup in 2002 to the $1.3 million dollar international performing and presentation organization that it is today, sharing anecdotes about the ups ad downs of a decade-long search for a viable, adaptive and dynamic new 21st century model. Chase will then open the conversation up to students to discuss their ideas, questions and visions for new projects, new business models and new creative paradigms for the advancement of the music of our time.

Artistic Research – Part II Prof. Eleanor Stubley and Prof. Lena Weman, March 18, A-832,  17:15-18:45.

- CIRMMT Distinguished Lecture Series or Seminars:  www.cirmmt.mcgill.ca/activities/distinguished-lectures or www.cirmmt.mcgill.ca/activities/seminars

See in particular:

  • Robert Duke, The University of Texas at Austin, USA: Learning and refining music performance skills April 17 2014 in Tanna Schulich hall.

- McGill Skillsets, Teaching and Learning, www.mcgill.ca/gps/skillsets

See in particular:

- Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas (IPLAI) http://www.mcgill.ca/iplai

- Religion and Performance in South Asia, http://www.mcgill.ca/creor/events

- Brecht, Music and Culture: Hanns Eisler in Conversation with Hans Bunge. A multimedia show by Sabine Berendse and Paul Clements. https://www.mcgill.ca/langlitcultures/announcements/events

- Schulich School of Music Doctoral Colloquium:  All of the lectures and workshops offered in the doctoral colloquium series

See in particular:

  • Prof. Malcolm Bilson, Cornell University, Performance -; October 4, Tanna Schulich 4:15 p.m.