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Appendix iv: Guidelines for program notes and song texts for voice recitals

It is important that M. Mus. Vocal Performance graduates who are about to enter the profession be fully capable of creating the written materials that are normally printed in recital programs. For this reason, the Voice Area Committee requires every student presenting a Vocal Recital, to prepare song texts in the original language with English and French translation, as part of the requirements for the M. Mus. Degree. It is intended that this document will be printed and distributed at the recital.

When presenting texts to the public, it is particularly important that the information be completely accurate and and that the document is attractively designed and printed. A good poetic translation of the texts is advised. These can often be found in appropriate reference books available in the Marvin Duchow Library or through inter-library loan, or in many cases, in the accompanying booklet provided with professional CD's and recordings. The Concerts and Publicity Office will help by designing, printing and distributing the final version to the audience, provided that the material is received in an acceptable format and according to the schedule listed below.


a) In consultation with his or her teacher, the student collects the vocal texts (original language plus French & English), enters all this material in a word processor file and assembles a first draft.
b) Once the draft is written, it is reviewed by the student’s vocal teacher who will edit the texts and suggest changes. The student may be required to rewrite part, or all of the document, if in the teacher’s opinion, it is not adequate. Subsequent drafts may be necessary to ensure that the document meets the requirements for accuracy, correctness and style.
c) Song texts must be photocopy ready in a small font size (suggested size: 9), in French and English. Song texts will not be formatted by the Concerts and Publicity Office, only sent for photocopying as is. Concerts and Publicity will arrange for the vocal texts to be printed and will distribute the document at the recital.
d) In the event that a document is not submitted or submitted late, the grade for the recital will be withheld until the document has been received.