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Doctoral Colloquium

Doctoral Colloquium - MUGS 705D1/D2 Schulich School of Music

The Doctoral Colloquium is a weekly lecture series organized by the Department of Music Research at McGill University.     


The main objectives of the colloquium are:

1-      To provide Ph.D. students with a supportive and stimulating environment to present their research and meet their PhD peers;

2-      To offer unique opportunities to engage with research presented by guest lecturers and  McGill faculty members;

3-      To serve as a forum in which students can seek advice on how to prepare for the professional field through a variety of professional development workshops given throughout the academic year.

Meeting Time and Location

Lectures will be held during the fall semester on Fridays from 16:15 to 17:45 pm in New Music Building, room A-832. Location to be confirmed for the winter 2015 term.


A schedule of the events will be regularly updated through the year and posted at the address: http://www.mcgill.ca/music/current-students/graduate/doctoral-graduate-colloquium

An electronic announcement is sent approximately one week before each event.





Fridays, 4:15–5:30pm, New Music Building, Conference Room A-832

Coordinator:  Isabelle Cossette (isabelle [dot] cossette1 [at] mcgill [dot] ca)




First mandatory meetingProf. Tom Beghin - Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" Sonata Opus 106: Legend, Difficulty, and the Gift of a Broadwood Piano


“Workshop on ethnographic methods and research.” Prof. Georgina Born, Schulich Distinguished Visiting Chair
Wednesday, September 24, 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., New Music Building room A-832
** This workshop may also count as a professional development session.

26 Peer-review session, students’ scholarships

CIRMMT Distinguished Lecture** - Tanna Hall - Tuesday 4:30 pm:

Doug Eck – Google, USA, Music recommendation and discovery at scale. 



Prof. Nicole Biamonte, Interactions of Rythm and Meter in Rock Music


Prof. Gianmario Borio, University of Pavia, Italy


CIRMMT Distinguished lecture** -  Tanna Schulich Hall – Thursday 4:30

Marilyn Nonken, NYU Steinhardt, The spectral piano: An ecological inquiry


Prof. Michaela Schwarzbauer, University Mozarteum Salzburg, Germany, Aesthetic Interactions in the Classroom: Impressions and First Results of a Research Project

24 No Colloquium

AMS Students’ run-throughs – Jessica Holmes, Nina Penner, Mimi Haddon



CIRMMT Distinguished lecture** -  Tanna Schulich Hall – Thursday 4:30      

Robert Godin – Godin Guitars, Canada - Growing a global business from small factory

14 Erin Parkes, PhD candidate in music education and Nina Penner, PhD candidate in musicology, A Philosophical Approach to Operatic Storytelling

David Sears, PhD candidate in music theory. The Classical Cadence as a Closing Schema: A Corpus Study of Haydn's String Quartets
Marcello Giordano, PhD candidate in music technology. Vibrotactile feedback and stimulation in musical interaction: a technology based investigation.


Prof. Clemens Hellsberg, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Austria, Richard Strauss and the Vienna Philharmonic

**NOTE: These lectures count for external colloquium attendances. Please have the  PhD Colloquium Attendance Form [pdf] signed accordingly. 


Attendance Policy:

Ph.D. students in the department of research (theory, musicology, music technology, composition, and music education) are required to attend four terms of colloquium.  In each term, students are required to attend 10 lectures:

  • Three lectures at the Doctoral Colloquium Series. 
  • Two student presentation sessions at the Doctoral Colloquium Series
  • Two professional development workshops (Skillsets: 1 hour and longer sessions, website: http://www.mcgill.ca/skillsets/calendarext)
  • Three additional lectures at the Doctoral Colloquium Series OR chosen from the supplemental list of approved lectures provided below.

Presentation Requirement:

Ph.D.  students are required to do one presentation on their thesis research at the Colloquium during the course of their doctoral studies.  

How to proceed?

  • When attending the Friday Doctoral Colloquium:
    Sign the attendance sheet distributed by the instructor at each presentation. 
  • When attending other lectures from the approved list below:
    At the end of the workshop or lecture, introduce yourself to the leader of the workshop or the guest lecturer and ask him /her to sign the attendance sheet found here:  PhD_Attendance_Form-Colloquium [pdf]

Return the sheet within ten days to the Doctoral Colloquium Coordinator, Isabelle Cossette.  All attendance sheets have to be submitted no later than one week after the last day of class for each term.

Evaluation is based on a Pass/Fail system.  Excused absences must be accompanied with an official written note (e.g. medical excuse).  All other absences will be marked as unexcused if not replaced by another event approved by the instructor.

Please direct any questions regarding scheduling concerns, course requirements, and attendance to Isabelle Cossette, isabelle [dot] cossette1 [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Additional Approved Workshops and Colloquium/Lecture Series - 2014-15



October 19-21, 2014

Gérard Grisey, the spectral moment, and its legacy / le moment spectral et son héritage. Conference organised by the Schulich School of Music, CIRMMT and OICRM, UdeM.

Website: http://www.music.mcgill.ca/grisey2014/index.html

January 2015 Form Forum II: Focus on Cadence, Schulich School of Music
March 13-14, 2015 Keynote speaker or two student presentations at the MGSS Symposium
International conference attendance can count as one attendance only per conference.

Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas -
Website: http://www.mcgill.ca/iplai/reading-groups/early-modern-world

Students interested in attending other events than the ones on this list should consult the coordinator of the Doctoral Colloquium, isabelle [dot] cossette1 [at] mcgill [dot] ca, for approval at least one week before the event.