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Chamber Music Ensembles

6 Dec 2015 17:00

Chamber Music Ensembles

6 Dec 2015 20:00

McGill Sonata Class Concert

6 Dec 2015 20:00

Class of Kyoko Hashimoto

McGill Piano Chamber Music Ensemble

7 Dec 2015 20:00

Class of Kyoko Hashimoto

IPLAI 600 Seminar

8 Dec 2015 17:30

Sing Montréal Chante

8 Dec 2015 19:00


Beginning September 2015, over 150 children will discover the joys of singing thanks to their school's decision to participate in Sing Montréal Chante.


The goal of Sing Montréal Chante is to address one of the imbalances that children from lower socio-economic groups face by giving them access to music education.  There are no auditions.  This is an inclusive program that accepts any child who loves to sing!



External Client: Sing Montréal Chante - Choeur des Enfants de Montreal

8 Dec 2015 19:00


Sing Montréal Chante

A choral outreach project for underserved schools.

Artistic Director :  Andrew Gray

150 children singing in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Maori and Portuguese acccompanied by piano and string orchestra.

Ticket reservations :  450-458-7129.

Sing Montréal Chante is administered by the Choeur des enfants de Montréal


Bachelor's Recital: Edgar Vasquez Sandoval, trumpet

9 Dec 2015 19:00

Class of R. deVuyst

Bachelor's Recital: Ancela Otcuoglu, piano

10 Dec 2015 13:00

Class of Marina Mdivani

Bachelor's Recital: Junyi Chen, piano

10 Dec 2015 14:00

Class of Kyoko Hashimoto