Schulich in Concert: The Drum Major Instinct


Tanna Schulich Hall, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, QC, CA
Free Admission

The Drum Major Instinct: Three settings of Martin Luther King Jr's last sermon

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

John Hollenbeck, drums, piano, composition

Ed Neumeister (guest artist), Jacob Garchik (guest artist), Jean-Nicolas Trottier, trombone

Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon,accordion

Oliver Tremblay-Noel, mallet percussion

Roman Munoz Bueno, guitar

The voice and words of Martin Luther King Jr, an extract from his last sermon given at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia, on February 4 1968.

  • John Hollenbeck: The Drum Major Instinct, work for trombone, guitar, percussion, accordion and piano

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