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Form Forum II: Focus on Cadence

23 Jan 2015
25 Jan 2015

A conference devoted to issues of musical form, especially those that involve cadence and closure. The conference will largely be organized around a group of workshops led by music theorists specializing in the theory of musical form.  Pre-selected groups of conference attendees will be chosen to be the "active participants" of these workshops, with the remaining attendees observing (and being given an opportunity to contribute towards the end of the workshop).  All registered participants will have the chance to be active workshop participants in at least one or more workshops.  The conference will also feature a keynote address by Julian Horton, an expert on nineteenth-century form.


Organizer: William Caplin, McGill University Keynote Address:  Julian Horton (University of Durham, UK) Workshop Leaders: Pieter Bergé (University of Leuven), William Caplin (McGill University), Julie Pedneault (University of Ottawa), Nathan Martin (Yale University), Janet Schmalfeldt (Tufts University), and Steven Vande Moortele (University of Toronto)

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