Vanessa Blais-Tremblay, PhD student in Musicology and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies has won the SOCAN 2014 Writings on Canadian Music.

Published: 3Jul2014

Vanessa Blais-Tremblay is the recipient of a 2014 SOCAN Foundation/CUMS Award for Writings on Canadian Music for her paper entitled: "Don't Pocohontas Me: Modernity and Transnational Politics in...

McGill music theorists prominently featured in journal

Published: 2Jul2014

The newest issue of Music Theory Online, one of the top-ranked music theory journals and one of the only open-access journals in music theory, features three different articles by McGill...

Conference - BKN25: Milestones in Music Cognition


In 1990, three major books were published that were to become transformative pillars in the field of music cognition research and beyond:/musicCategory: Music/Arts/Culture Schulich School of Music

Montréal Baroque Festival : TALENT, TINNITUS, TORTURE


Dr. Robert Zatorre (Montreal Neurological Institute) Lecture on deafness and the psychological and musical effects of tinnitus on Beethoven/musicCategory: Music/Arts/Culture Schulich School of Music

Montréal Baroque Festival - Concert Intime: BEASTS OF PREY


Mediaeval hunting music for voices and instruments Ensemble Scholastica 

Montréal Baroque Festival - Grand Concert: GRANDE FINALE : BEETHOVEN & NATURE


Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68 «Pastoral» 4th Fortepiano Concerto with Orchestra Tom Beghin, pianoforte Ensemble Caprice; Matthias Maute /musicCategory: Music/Arts/Culture Schulich School of Music

Montréal Baroque Festival - Concert Intime: THE SPRING SONATA AND THE KREUTZER SONATA


The gentle Spring Sonata and bombastic Kreuzer: Beethoven's creativity. /musicCategory: Music/Arts/Culture Schulich School of Music

Montréal Baroque Festival - Concert Intime: THE MONSTER'S FRIENDS


La Petite Harmonie  Beethoven's friends and enemies: music for wind quartet. /musicCategory: Music/Arts/Culture Schulich School of Music

Live@CIRMMT and Montréal Baroque Festival - Concert Intime: BEETHOVEN IN VIRTUAL ACOUSTICS


Opus 106 ("Hammerklavier") Sonata and Opus 90 Sonata. /musicCategory: Music/Arts/Culture Schulich School of Music