Gault Nature Reserve

The Gault Nature Reserve at Mont Saint-Hilaire is internationally recognized for its long history of scientific research and in 1978 was the first Canadian site to be named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Located at the eastern edge of greater Montreal, the reserve is home to one of the richest clusters of biodiversity in Quebec with over 600 plant species, 800 types of butterflies, 13 kinds of fish, 45 mammals, and 180 bird species. The site, which consists of seven low hills surrounding a small lake, provides an excellent venue for university teaching and research. There are 25 km of trails and a Nature Centre pavilion, as well as chalets and a conference centre that can be used by the mcGill community and the general public.

Some courses at Gault Nature Reserve

BIOL 240 Monteregian Flora (3)
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BIOL 331 Ecology/Behaviour Field Course (3)
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GEOG 495 Field Studies-Physical Geog (3)

Independent study projects

BIOL 471 course description not available (3)

BIOL 477 course description not available (3)

BIOL 478 course description not available (3)

Honours project, BIOL 479 and 480

GEOG 490 Independent Readings in Geog (3)
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Courses using the Gault Nature Reserve for day trips

PLNT 358 Flowering Plant Diversity (3)

GEOG 305 Soils and Environment (3)

WILD 350 Mammalogy (3)

Past and Current Research

  • Forest watershed
  • Forest ecosystem
  • Geology
  • Mineralogy
  • Mountain ecosystem
  • Plant and animal populations
  • Vegetation
  • Landscape ecology
  • Patterns of diversity

For more information on research at Gault Nature Reserve, please visit its website and then contact:

gregor.fussman [at] (Gregor Fussmann)
Professor of Biology
Director, Gault Nature Reserve