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MSE Award for Teaching Assistance Excellence


The McGill School of Environment recognizes the contributions of our Teaching Assistants (TA) through our Award for Teaching Assistance Excellence. This award is given to an outstanding TA who has helped students in an effective and stimulating manner or has excelled in the quality of feedback during marking of written work and oral presentations.

Nominations will be accepted for TAs of any ENVR course in the Fall and Winter terms. The name of the recipient will be announced in April of each year. Recipients will receive a letter of commendation along with a cheque of $350.

Deadline for Nominations: April 4, 2014.

A summary of our TAs to help you make a choice:


Summer term 2013:

ENVR 480, Unearthing Montreal's Urban Context - Angela Grant


Fall term 2013:

To be added November 2013