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Information for New Students, including Suggested First Year (U1) Courses

  • Majors and Domains:   If you have just completed a Freshman (U0) year at McGill, or if you are entering your U1 year from CEGEP, then you need to choose a Major.  Most of the Environment degree programs require that you choose an area of specialization within your Major called a Domain. Each Domain is listed as a separate program on Minerva. If you are initially uncertain of a Domain, that's okay. You can add your Domain later to your registration, or if you change your mind about your studies later on, you can change your Domain at that time as well.  There are no Domains associated with the the BA&Sc Interfaculty Program in Environment.
  • Suggested First Year Courses:  The Domain course lists do not represent sequences of courses; rather, they are lists of choices. For suggestions on courses to take in your first year (U1), consult the MSE Student Handbook.
  • Two Campuses:  Domains tend to be concentrated on one or the other campus, depending on the courses and interdisciplinary fields of study.  When planning your schedule and registering for courses, you need to verify where each course is offered because courses for this program are taught both at McGill's campus downtown and the Macdonald campus in Ste. Anne de Bellevue.  Courses offered at Macdonald campus are shown on the MSE website with an (M) beside them.  Regardless of which campus most of your courses are on, if you wish to take several courses on the opposite campus, the program is flexible enough to allow this.  The two campuses are about 35 km apart. It takes about 35 minutes by shuttle bus or car (closer to 50 minutes in rush hour), and about 90 minutes by city bus and metro or by train.  Students can use the free Shuttle Bus service which runs every 45 minutes between campuses throughout the school year.
  • ENVR Courses:  The core ENVR courses can be taken on either campus.  Be careful which Section you register in for the Core courses! The courses will vary slightly depending on the section, and you will not be able to write your EXAM if you are in the wrong section! Section 001 is Downtown, section 051 is at Macdonald.  This applies only to ENVR courses.
  • Taking Courses on the "Other" Campus:  Arts courses (for B.A. students) are mostly all downtown, but science courses are offered on both campuses.  B.Sc. students are in the Faculty of Science, and must take most of their courses downtown.  B.Sc.(AgEnvSc) students are in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and must take most of their courses at Macdonald Campus.  Make sure you read about limits on how many courses you can take outside your home Faculty, and about certain courses at Macdonald Campus that are restricted (cannot be taken for credit) for Science students, listed on each degree page. 
  • Calculus:  Do you need Calculus 1?   See the Math Department's site for information about the differences between MATH 139 and MATH 140.