Atmospheric Environment and Air Quality

Atmospheric Environment and Air Quality Domain
(60 credits including Core)


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Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

This Domain is open only to students in the BSc Major Program in Environment.

How does atmospheric circulation and chemistry affect air quality?

The rapid expansion of industrialization has been accompanied by a host of environmental problems, many of which, if not most, involve the atmosphere. Some problems are of a local nature, such as air pollution in large urban centres, while others are global, or at least reach areas far removed from industrial activities.

The emphasis in this Domain is on the mechanisms of atmospheric flow and on atmospheric chemistry. Courses examine how the atmosphere transports pollution, lifting it to great heights into the stratosphere or keeping it trapped near the ground, moving it around the globe or imprisoning it locally, or how it simply cleanses itself of the pollution through rainfall. The Domain also gives students the training required to understand the important chemical reactions taking place within the atmosphere, as well as the know-how necessary to measure and analyze atmospheric constituents.

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  • Taking courses on the Macdonald campus (M)
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Program Requirements

NOTE: Students are required to take a maximum of 31 credits at the 200 level and a minimum of 12 credits at the 400 level or higher in this program. This includes Core and Required courses.

Core: Required Courses (18 credits)

ENVR 200 - The Global Environment
ENVR 201 - Society,Environ&Sustainability
ENVR 202 - The Evolving Earth
ENVR 203 - Knowledge, Ethics&Environment
ENVR 301 - Environmental Research Design
ENVR 400 - Environmental Thought

Core: Complementary Course — Senior Research Project
(3 credits*)

AGRI 519 - Sustainable Development Plans (in Barbados)
ENVR 401 - Environmental Research
ENVR 451 - Research in Panama (in Panama)
* Only 3 credits will be applied to the program; extra credits will count as electives.

Domain: Required courses (15 credits)

ATOC 214 - Intro:Physics of the Atmosph
ATOC 215 - Oceans, Weather and Climate
ATOC 219 - Intro to Atmospheric Chemistry
or CHEM 219 - Intro to Atmospheric Chemistry
ATOC 315 - Thermodynamics and Convection
GEOG 308 - Principles of Remote Sensing

Complementary courses for Domain (24 credits)

6 credits from:

One of:
CHEM 267 - Intro. Chemical Analysis
or FDSC 213 - Analytical Chemistry 1 (M)

And, one of:
MATH 222 - Calculus 3
or AEMA 202 - Intermediate Calculus (M)
(Students will not receive credit for both AEMA 202 and MATH 222.)

3 credits from:

AEMA 310 - Statistical Methods 1 (M)
MATH 203 - Principles of Statistics 1
or equivalent

9 credits of Math or Physical Science (at least 6 credits of which are at the 300 level or above):

ATOC 309 - Weather Radars and Satellites
ATOC 519 - Advances in Chem of Atmosphere
or CHEM 519 - Advances in Chem of Atmosphere
ATOC 540 - Synoptic Meteorology 1
CHEE 230 - Envrnmntl Aspects of Technol
CHEM 243 - Intro Phys Chem 2
CHEM 377 - Instrumental Analysis 2
CIVE 225 - Environmental Engineering
CIVE 561 - Urban Activity,Air Pol,&Health
COMP 208 - Computers in Engineering
GEOG 505 - Global Biogeochemistry (offered in 2016-2017 and alternate years)
MATH 223 - Linear Algebra
MATH 315 - Ordinary Differential Eqns
or AEMA 305 - Differential Equations (M)
NRSC 333 - Pollution and Bioremediation (M)
NRSC 510 - Agricultural Micrometeorology (M) (not offered 2017-2018)

6 credits Social Science:

ANTH 206 - Environment and Culture
ANTH 418 - Environment and Development
ECON 225 - Economics of the Environment
ECON 347 - Economics of Climate Change
ENVR 422 - Mtl Urban Sustainability Anal (offered alternate academic years)
GEOG 302 - Environmental Management 1
GEOG 221 - Environment and Health (offered alternate calendar years)
GEOG 303 - Health Geography
GEOG 403 - Global Health & Envir. Change
GEOG 404 - Environmental Management 2 (in Panama and Africa)
GEOG 498 - Humans in Tropical Envirnmnts (in Panama)
RELG 270 - Religious Ethics & the Environ