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MSE Associate Members

Jan Adamowski - Bioresource Engineering
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Hydrology, water resources management

Parisa Ariya - Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Bioaerosols, chemical transformation of mercury in the atmosphere and air, snow, water interface

Christopher BarrettChemistry
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Developing new green materials for sustainable engineering, light-responsive polymers for solar energy harvesting, bio-inspired materials design, self-assembly.

Niladri Basu - School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition; Natural Resource Science
RESEARCH INTERESTS: A) EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT within the context of Environmental and Occupational Health; B) ECOTOXICOLOGY with a focus on next-generation risk assessment, biomarkers, neurotoxicology; C) ECOGENETICS with a focus on genetic polymorphisms (SNPs), gene-environment interactions, and epigenetics D) GLOBAL HEALTH with a focus on capacity building, mining, and exposure assessments;

Caroline Begg - Plant Science
RESEARCH INTERESTS: relationships between spatial patterns of crop and soil parameters in agricultural fields

Christopher Buddle - Natural Resource Sciences & Dean of Students
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Terrestrial arthropod biodiversity and ecology, in particular spider and insect diversity in managed and unmanaged forests. Interests also include canopy arthropod ecology, the role of generalist predators in food webs, integrated pest management, and spider ecology, life history and taxonomy.

Bruce Case - Pathology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Environmental Pathology

Lauren Chapman - Biology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Aquatic ecology and conservation in Africa

Jonathan Chevrier - Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health
RESEARCH INTERESTS: impact of exposure to common environmental contaminants on child health and development

Gail Chmura - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: estuaries and coastal waters

Grant Clark - Bioresource Engineering
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Ecological engineering, Scientific computing, Modeling and simulation, Microbiological systems, Agricultural systems, Complex adaptive systems

Oliver Coomes - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Economic development and environmental conservation

Andre Costopoulos - Anthropology 
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Evolution of social complexity, quantitative and computational methods in archaeology, agent-based simulation in anthropology, prehistoric exchange networks, prehistory of northern Europe

Benoit Cote - Natural Resource Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: eco-physiology of woody plant species of northeastern America; relationships between soil fertility and hardwood forest species composition, determination of nutritional standards for hardwoods, forest nutrient cycling, tracing of heavy metals in trees and forests.

Pierre Dutilleul - Plant Science
RESEARCH INTERESTS: agricultural, biological and environmental sciences, with animal, earth and plant sciences, chronobiology and dendrochronology, forest ecology and limnology, quantitative genetics and wood technology as subfields of application. Autocorrelation, complexity, heterogeneity, heteroscedasticity, nonstationarity, periodicity, scale, and structure.

Dror Etzion - Desautels Faculty of Management
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Environmental metrics: how we decide what measure, how new metrics diffuse in the organizational landscape, how accurately the measures used actually capture the reality of business impacts on the environment.

Jim Fyles - Natural Resource Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: ecosystems, soil, nutrients, carbon, cycling, biogeochemistry, management, disturbance, space, complexity, organizations, leadership, interdisciplinarity, plain language, knowledge exchange, sustainability.

John G. Galaty - Anthropology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Pastoralism and rural development, East Africa

Susan Gaskin - Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Environmental fluid mechanics and water resources management

Richard Gold - Law
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Intellectual property, biotechnology, information technology, property, commercial practices, international trade law

Mark Goldberg - Epidemiology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: clinical and environmental epidemiological studies, risk of breast cancer and occupational environmental exposure, air pollution and health

Andrew Gonzalez - Biology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: extinction in fragemented landscape, ecosystem impacts of climate change

Christopher Green - Economics
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Environmental economics

David M. Green - Redpath Museum
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Amphibian species ranges and boundaries

Irene Gregory-Eaves - Biology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Aquatic ecology and paleoecology

Gordon Hickey - Natural Resource Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: sustainability of the natural environment. In particular, natural resource policy, regulation and assessment, associated international development programs and forest management. His research draws upon numerous disciplines to integrate science-based knowledge with socio-economic considerations. This is done to inform strategic decision-making at a range of scales and support innovative resource-based policies.

Richard Janda - Law
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Administrative process, economic regulation, business associations, competition law, air transport regulation

Geza Joos - Electrical & Computer Engineering
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Power electronic converters and power system compensation

Hoi Kong - Law
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Public Law Theory, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Municipal Law, Land Use Planning Law

Martin Lechowicz - Biology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Forest herbs and trees: Ecology, evolution and conservation

Mark Lefsrud - Bioresource Engineering
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Biofuels, biomass production, controlled environments, secondary compounds and proteomics.

Nik Luka - School of Architecture
RESEARCH INTERESTS: urban design as an interdisciplinary approach to better understanding the form, processes, uses, and meanings of space in everyday settings--and how this can enable us to develop sustainable yet strategic design and policy interventions. Additional research interests include urban agriculture, landscape planning, urban morphology, environmental history, tourism, and cognitive science.

Graham MacDonald - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: examining how international food trade influences agricultural resource-use efficiency globally; tracking changes in national food supplies over time, focusing on the relative stability or volatility of food import relationships, identifying strategies to enhance food system resilience across scales

Chandra Madramootoo - Bioresource Engineering
RESEARCH INTERESTS: water management, irrigation, drainage, water quality, watershed management, food security, agricultural research, and international agriculture development.

Steve Maguire - Desautels Faculty of Management
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Internationally recognized in the field of organization studies, where he has made significant contributions in the areas of institutional entrepreneurship and organizational discourse. Empirically, his primary research focus is on institutional and technological change driven by the emergence of new risks to human health and the environment. He is known as an expert on the precautionary principle and chemical risk management.

Thom Meredith - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Management of natural, ecological resources

Timothy Moore - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Soils and the environment; fluxes of gasses, nutrients and elements between soils and the atmosphere

Tom Naylor - Economics
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Ecological economics

Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen - Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Hydrology and water resources management

Jim A. Nicell - Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Environmental engineering

Phil Oxhorn - Political Science & Associate Provost (International)
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Civil society and the resolution of contemporary problems including sustainable development, Latin America

Jeanne Paquette - Earth and Planetary Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Chemistry and crystallography of carbonate minerals

Wayne Pollard - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Biophysical aspects of geocryology

Stephanie Posthumus - Languages, Literatures, and Culture
RESEARCH INTERESTS: representations of the non-human, or more-than-human, in contemporary French literature

Catherine Potvin - Biology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Physiological ecology

Brian Robinson - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS:how people meet their needs through use of ecosystems and natural resources, and the role this plays in development in poorer regions of the world

Nigel Roulet - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: earth system science, biogeochemistry, and ecohydrology

Nancy Ross - Geography
RESEARCH INTERESTS: how social gradient is produced and re-produced and how we might alter physical and social environmental conditions to reduce health inequalities

Marilyn Scott - Institute of Parasitology
RESEARCH INTERESTS: understand host-parasite population dynamics using experimental and field epidemiology and theoretical studies, explore factors relevant to, and consequences of, parasite control methods applied at the level of the host population or community

Donald Smith - Plant Science
RESEARCH INTERESTS: crop eco-physiology; the use of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), and signal compound produced by them, to increase the growth and yield many crops; the use of the signal compounds produced by rhizobia during the establishment of the rhizobia-legume symbiosis to directly promote plant growth. Fourth, research is methods to increase the sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere into crop plants, including the use of biochar, for ultimate sequestration into soil, or for use in bioproducts. This is linked to the utilization of crop plants in greenhouse gas management, including use of lignocellulosics produced by crop plants as biofuel feedstocks.

Ian Strachan - Natural Resource Sciences

RESEARCH INTERESTS: field-based micrometeorological research centred on the ways in which human-induced management and modification of ecosystems influences surface– atmosphere interactions. Dr. Strachan is currently interested in carbon exchange in marsh wetlands, boreal hydroelectric reservoirs and coastal peatlands, as well as energy and carbon exchanges in rural and urban settings in and around Montreal.

Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert - History
RESEARCH INTERESTS: social and environmental history of natural resource extraction in Latin America. This includes projects on the environmental history of colonial mining, early Iberian discourses on the transformation of nature, the historical geography of mining in Mexico over the longue durée, and the history of autochthonous landscapes on the Isthmus of Panama.

Paul Thomassin - Natural Resource Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: environmental and resource economics. Current projects include economic-ecological macroeconomic modeling, the institutional design of domestic greenhouse gas emission trading, and the non-market valuation of environmental goods and services.

Nathalie Tufenkji - Chemical Engineering
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Environmental bioremediation

Marcia Waterway - Plant Science
RESEARCH INTERESTS: plant systematics, phylogeny and ecological genetics, with emphasis on the Cyperaceae

Joann Whalen - Natural Resource Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: soil ecology and fertility, particularly in agro-ecosystems. Her research interests include soil organic matter and nutrient dynamics, the ecology and spatial distribution of lumbrid earthworms and nutrient management practices for optimal crop production and environmental protection.

Terry Wheeler - Natural Resources Sciences
RESEARCH INTERESTS: systematics and zoogeography of Diptera, especially Chloropidae, insect biodiversity and zoogeography in grasslands

Viviane Yargeau - Chemical Engineering
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Source reduction, recycling and treatment as strategies for pollution reduction