Madhav Govind Badami

Associate Professor
Contact Information
Email address: 
madhav.g.badami [at]
MSE Appointed Faculty
McGill School of Environment & School of Urban Planning
Current research: 

Dr. Badami's research interests include environmental policy and planning, urban infrastructure, sustainable urban transport, alternate transport fuels, and environment and development.

He attempts to study issues in their multiple (technological, political-institutional, human behavioural and ethical) dimensions, in a manner that is policy-relevant and contextually grounded.

He is interested in the following approaches and issues:

  • motivations underlying public policy and technology choice 
  • life cycle analysis
  • decision making under data and policy-analytic constraints 
  • equity impacts of policies
  • collaborative and multiple-criteria approaches for reconciling trade-offs and conflicts 
  • science-policy interactions
  • institutional mechanisms for effective policy-making and implementation