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Elena Bennett

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Elena Bennett
Associate Professor; Fellow - Aldo Leopold Leadership Program
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McGill School of Environment & Department of Natural Resource Sciences
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Dr. Bennett's research general revolves around interests in understanding and managing ecosystem services. She is interested in

  • how the types of ecosystem services interact across the landscape and how humans can manage landscapes to provide multiple ecosystems services.
  • the trade-offs between agricultural production and water quality
  • learning how people change Phosphorus (P) cycles through farming, trade, and other activities, and how this, in turn impacts water quality

Research across multiple scales:

  • at the scale of a few farm fields
  • how management impacts soil P concentrations and nutrient runoff at the scale of a watershed or region
  • how land use, history, and the spatial pattern of land use impacts soil P and nutrient runoff at the global scale
  • simple models of how land use and land management determine risk of eutrophication
  • ecosystem services in urban areas, development of indicators of BMP (beneficial management practices) adoption, and the history and future of agriculture in southwestern Quebec
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