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Thank you for visiting the McGill School of Environment (MSE) website and considering us in your philanthropic planning.

Your support helps us do amazing things by helping us nurture young adults wishing to pursue a career in environment and stimulate their passion for life-long learning.

Your generosity enables us to provide an MSE Undergraduate Research Award.  A research experience creates original thought, fosters curiosity for a lifetime, and enables life-changing collaborations. McGill School of Environment students build knowledge and competencies to change the world and this helps MSE Professors teach students about the environment beyond the classroom.

With you, we could provide a gifted student in the MSE with support in the form of MSE Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships which is essential to recognize students for their achievements and provide them with the opportunity to receive training in research methods, learn to analyze data, create written and oral presentations of their results and participate in formal research symposiums and conferences. This knowledge shapes their career choices.

The MSE Research Symposium is a unique conference highlighting cutting-edge McGill research conducted on the world’s most pressing environmental problems. Our faculty are interdisciplinary scholars who are internationally known in the areas of climate change, natural and resource management, development, environmental engineering, human, animal and plant health; and much, much more. Your assistance would make this symposium a “must-do” event for all environmental researchers.


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