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What We Offer


What we offer: 

  • Student-run Spirituality 'zine, Radix.  A theme-based publication from different spiritual, philosophical and religious perspectives.
  • "Mondays at MORSL!" - relaxing and uplifting Monday-night events (from yoga to movie  nights to art therapy workshops)
  • Religious support for students through our team of multi-faith chaplains.
  • "My Neighbour's Faith" visits to places of meeting and worship
  • Weekly Zen Practice
  • Regular faith-based groups (such as Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Rad Christians, Universalist Unitarian meetings, Quaker-style meditations, and more)
  • Volunteer opportunities: Directly with seniors through Yellow Door, with children through MSPN, and indirectly through contact with Chaplains and their communities.
  • Drop-in yoga on Friday afternoons (please bring $5 for the instructor and bring your own mug for tea - some yoga mats provided)

Our space:

  • A non-denominational prayer and meditation space
  • Free full-spectrum light therapy
  • A Guided Relaxation headphone station
  • Quiet Space: A lounge designed to promote comfort and relaxation.
  • In-house interfaith/wellness library: browse our collection of books about World Religions, coping with stress, practicing mindfulness, etc.

We also collaborate with: