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Mechanosynthesis of ultra-small monodisperse amine-stabilized gold nanoparticles with controllable size, M. J. Rak, N. K. Saadé, T. Frišcic, A. Moores, Green Chem., 2014,16, 86-89

Shingo's farewell party (Mar 17 2014)

A part of the group with Akira Suzuki during his visit at McGill (Mar 18 2014)

An ice-inukshuk in front of the Chemistry dept (Mar 6 2014)

McGill under the snow (Mar 13 2014)

Nanoparticles and Catalysis for Green Chemistry

Green chemistry can be defined as the science dealing with making chemistry sustainable. Our research focuses on synthesizing, characterizing and studying novel, and simple catalysts, based on metal nanoparticles, ionic liquids and/or cellulose nanocrystals in order to propose innovative and recyclable catalysts for organic reactions.


Green chemistry, Nanoparticles, Catalysis, Transition metals, Hydrogenation, Ionic Liquids, Oxidation, Nanocrystallites of Cellulose, Iron, Copper, Mechanochemistry

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