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Mechanosynthesis of ultra-small monodisperse amine-stabilized gold nanoparticles with controllable size, M. J. Rak, N. K. Saadé, T. Frišcic, A. Moores, Green Chem., 2014,16, 86-89

Hollow iron oxide nanoshells are active and selective catalysts for the partial oxidation of styrene with molecular oxygen, M.J. Rak, M. Lerro, A. Moores, Green Chem., 2014,16, 86-89.

A part of the group with Akira Suzuki during his visit at McGill (Mar 18 2014)

An ice-inukshuk in front of the Chemistry dept (Mar 6 2014)

Lunch at Namaste Montreal to celebrate the new summer student... and spring (May 13 2014)

Prof. Moores featured in a Youtube video presenting the CREATE in Green Chemistry program

Nanoparticles and Catalysis for Green Chemistry

My group works at the interfaces between the fields of material chemistry, coordination chemistry and organic synthesis. We conduct research in the domains of catalysis using both the heterogeneous and homogeneous approaches and more sustainable nanoparticle synthesis. We have a special interest in magnetic particles and nanocrystallites of cellulose in catalysis, novel synthese of nanoparticles in solid phase and nanoparticles in ionic liquid media.


Green chemistry, Nanoparticles, Catalysis, Transition metals, Hydrogenation, Ionic Liquids, Oxidation, Nanocrystallites of Cellulose, Iron, Copper, Mechanochemistry

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