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The First Post MIE Conference Information Bulletin

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Greetings from MIE and Montreal!

I hope you that have had a pleasant and eventless trip back home and that this post-conference Information Bulletin finds you all very well. I thank those of you who took the time to join us in Montreal, presented and participated in discussions and contributed actively to the success of the conference. We were delighted to receive you and hope that you enjoyed the conference thoroughly and that it met with your expectations. I am sorry that some of you could not join us for a variety reason, including the difficulty of obtaining a visa to enter Canada. Your absence was truly felt in the conference.

I am writing to discuss some procedures and dates towards the publication of the conference papers and also announce the site of 2014 and 2015 MIE conferences as discussed in the closing session of the conference as follows:

I. Towards the Publication Processes in Three Stages:

  1. The Self-improvement Stage
    Please revise your paper based on questions, comments, suggestions during the conference and for your own concerns. The suggested deadline for returning your paper back to the 2013mie.conference [at] is mid- to late-September, at the latest! 

    Please date your paper prominently and use your name and date in the file name (e.g., “Etemad - Closing Session Remarks- 4August2013”) to avoid any confusion and mix-ups with previous versions.

  2. The Peer-Reviewing Process
    We will send you one or two papers in October 2013 at the latest to review blindly. The suggested deadline for returning reviews is November 28th, 2010, at the latest. Please do the best reviewing possible with constructive suggestions and some potential suggestions as how to improve upon the paper. If time does not permit you to meet the deadline, please let us know as soon as you can. Please plan and allow time for this review and return them earlier if you can. Consequently, we should be able to send you two reviews of your paper in December 2013.

  3. The Revision Process
    Please revise your paper according to the two reviews and return it to us at your earliest with a review report as how you revised the paper. The suggested deadline for returning revised papers is late January / Early February.

II. Potential Venues for Publications

Two already committed publication venues are:

This series has been received very well by the scholarly community and already published three volumes and one is in the publication process.

  1. The Journal of International Entrepreneurship (JIEN); two thematic issues if necessary.
  2. One edited volume in the McGill International Entrepreneurship Book Series to be published by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Other options that I will be exploring soon are:

  • A special issue of the Journal of Small Business Economics (SBE);
  • A special issue of the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (CJAS);
  • A special issue of International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing (IJEV), among others and if necessary one issue

III. Upcoming MIE Conferences

I am very pleased to announce the site of the 17th Annual McGill international Entrepreneurship conference. For the first time, we will be travelling to the South American Continent and holding the conference in Chile in August/September 2014. Dr. Christian Felzensztein will be chairing and hosting us in Santiago, Chile.

I am equally pleased to announce the tentative sites of next two conference site following Santiago:

  1. The 18th McGill international Entrepreneurship Conference to be chaired by Professor Magsood Sandhu and held in UAE (Dates and details will be announced soon); and,
  2. The 19th McGill international Entrepreneurship Conference to be chaired by Professor Kevin Ibeh and held in London, UK (Dates and details will be announced soon).

Finally, may I ask you to kindly reflect on the above topics and share your thought with me? I thank you in advance.

As usual, this Information Bulletin will be also posted very shortly. Please visit the conference website for further development as frequently as you can. All previous Information Bulletins and their attachments remain posted here.

I wish you all a very fruitful revision and look forward to hearing from your thought and receiving your self-improved papers soon.

Best Wishes and Kind Regards,
Hamid Etemad

P.S. # 1: Please forward this information to your co-authors-thank you.
P.S. # 2: The members of is-scholars’ Steering Committee of and the local organizing team are copied. Your feedback is highly appreciated.