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Honours Microbiology and Immunology program


This 74-credit program combines the substantial background given by the Major program with a challenging opportunity to carry out a laboratory research project in the U-3 year.

The required courses in the Honours program provide a broad exposure to important areas in the biomedical sciences, as well as a high degree of specialization in these disciplines. Students are prepared for a significant research experience under the supervision of a professor in the Department. Those considering careers in research in the biological sciences or in medicine, or employment in the biotechnology field, are encouraged to take advantage of the special opportunities offered by this Honours program.

The Honours Research Project

The Independent Studies in Microbiology and Immunology (MIMM502 D1, D2) course gives students the unique opportunity to gain first-hand research experience, to design and execute scientific experiments using sophisticated methods and equipment, and to participate in the dynamic and creative interactions that contribute to scientific discovery.

Students in the project course work in the laboratory alongside a professor, graduate students, and research assistants during two terms. They learn to communicate science in writing and by a seminar presentation. (See MIMM502 description for registration requirements.)


Students intending to apply to the Honours program follow the same courses as the Major program in U-1 and U-2. A CGPA of at least 3.5 must be obtained by the end of the U-2 year in order to enter the Honours in U-3. For graduation from the Honours program, a student must pass all required courses at a level of C or better, and must achieve a sessional CGPA of at least 3.3 in U-3.

Students who wish to apply to the Honours program must communicate in writing with Jennifer DiMassimo, Student Affairs Officer, by the third Monday of February of their U-2 year. Since there are a limited number of places available in MIMM502, registration requires approval of the Department.

Prefixes and codes: 

EXMD=Exp. Medicine







F = Fall Term, W = Winter Term, F&W= Fall and Winter Terms


Required statistics course (3 credits)

One of these three courses must be taken in U1, U2, or U3.

Course #TitleCredits
BIOL 373 (F) Biostatistic Analysis 3
MATH 203 (F or W) Principles of Statistics I 3
PSYC 204 (F or W) Introduction to Psychological Statistics 3


U1 Required Courses (26 credits)

Course #TitleCredits
MIMM 211 (F) Biology of Microorganisms 3
MIMM 212 (F) Laboratory in Microbiology 3
MIMM 214 (W) Introduction to Immunology 3
BIOL 200 (F) Molecular Biology 3
BIOL 201 (W)
BIOC 212 (W)
Cell Biology and Metabolism

Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function
BIOL 202 (W) Basic Genetics 3
CHEM 212 (F or W)* Organic Chemistry I 4
CHEM 222 (F or W)** Organic Chemistry II 4

* Students entering Microbiology are usually exempted from CHEM212, having already taken an equivalent course in CEGEP (202-202).Those students will need to take additional elective courses to obtain the required amount of credits.
** Students who have taken Organic Chemistry II in CEGEP (202-302) are exempted from Chemistry CHEM222.Those students will need to take additional elective courses to obtain the required amount of credits.


U2 Required Courses (21 credits)

Course #TitleCredits
MIMM 314 (W) Immunology 3
MIMM 323 (F) Microbial Physiology 3
MIMM 324 (F) Fundamental Virology 3
MIMM 384 (F) Molecular Microbiology Lab 3
MIMM 385 (W) Laboratory in Immunology 3
BIOC 311 (F) Metabolic Biochemistry 3
BIOC 312 (W) Biochemistry of Macromolecules 3


U3 Required Courses (21 credits)

Course #TitleCredits
MIMM 413 (W) Parasitology 3
MIMM 465 (F) Bacterial Pathogenesis and Host Defences 3
MIMM 466 (W) Viral Pathogenesis and Host Defences 3
MIMM 502 D1 (F,W) Honours Research Project 6
MIMM 502 D2 (W) Honours Research Project 6


Complementary Courses

An additional 3 credits must be taken from the following:

Course #TitleCredits
BIOL 520 (W) Gene Activity in Development 3
BIOT 505 (W) Selected Topics in Biotechnology 3
BIOC 404 (W) Biophysical Chemistry 3
BIOC 450 (F) Protein Structure and Function 3
BIOC 454 (F) Nucleic Acids 3
BIOC 455 (W) Neurochemistry 3
BIOC 458 (W) Membranes & Cellular Signalling 3
CHEM 203 (F)
CHEM 204 (F or W)
A Survey of Physical Chemistry

Intro. Phys. Chemistry for Biological Science Students
MIMM 414 (F) Advanced Immunology 3
MIMM 509 (W) Seminars on Inflammatory Processes 3
PHAR 562 (F) General Pharmacology I 3
PHAR 563 (W) General Pharmacology II 3