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Graduate Student Seminar Protocols and Schedule



Students submit an abstract of their presentation to the Course Coordinator, one week prior to the date of the presentation. If the abstract is not submitted on time, the student will lose 5% from the total mark. The abstract of the presentation will be circulated to all graduate students and professors.


All Final M.Sc students, students in the M.Sc. program who will switch to the Ph.D. program, and all final Ph.D. students must present a scientific seminar that is a comprehensive summary of the results of the student's research project. The seminar is held publicly and it is about 30-35-minutes in which the students present the background and rationale of their research project, the specific hypotheses tested and/or objectives, the results obtained and a general conclusion.

The presentations are followed by a 5-10-minute question period led by the Student Chair (Refer to Student Chair Responsibilities below).


The presentations are evaluated by the Grading Panel (composed of 2 faculty members or more) and by all students attending the seminar, according to the criteria indicated on the Seminar Evaluation Form. The supervisors do not participate in the evaluation of their own students. 

The average of the Grading Panel marks constitute 75% of the final mark and the average of the student marks count for 25% of the final grade.   

Attendance at the Graduate Student Seminar Series, in both Fall and Winter terms, is mandatory for students registered in MIMM 611, MIMM 612 & MIMM 713. Attendance is determined by a sign-in sheet. Half a letter grade will be deducted from a student's final mark if more than 10% of seminars are missed (Example: A becomes A-; A- becomes B+. etc). If more than 20% of seminars are missed the student will fail the course. The schedule of these seminars is forwarded to the registered students by the course coordinator.

Seminar attendance is mandatory for supervisors whose students are presenting. Supervisors who cannot attend must find a McGill academic staff member as a replacement.


Speakers should display a PowerPoint presentation using the PC laptop that is permanently installed in the seminar room. Switching of computers will not be allowed. The speakers should therefore bring their PowerPoint presentations on a USB key. 

It is strongly recommended that the speakers come ahead of their presentation for a run-through to ensure efficient and timely delivery of their presentations.  A PC laptop is permanently available in the seminar room for rehearsal. 


The Student Chair makes sure that a laser pointer (available from the Administrative Departmental Office) is on hand for the speaker.

The Student Chair introduces the speaker by providing the following information:

  •       The speaker background
  •       The student’s status in the program (M.Sc. or Ph.D),
  •       The supervisor name, research field and location of the research laboratory.
  •       The nature of the seminar (M.Sc. or Ph.D. library seminar, M.Sc. final seminar, switch seminar, Ph.D. second or final seminar). 

The Student Chair is responsible for the question period.  He or she should ask the first question (followed by the students and then the professors) and terminate the seminar on time.


Student evaluators should complete the Seminar Evaluation Form that has to be returned to the head of the grading panel immediately after the presentations.  

A full range of evaluation from the students is expected in which excellent presentation characteristics warrant an “A” while acceptable presentations warrant a “B”.  

Critical evaluation and useful feedback (that should be provided on the Seminar Evaluation Form) are thus the primary responsibilities of a student evaluator. 


Given that the speakers have worked hard to create their presentation, it is imperative to listen to them attentively. Students attending the seminars are therefore not allowed to use any device (e.g. cell phone, laptop) that could distract them from vigilantly listening to their peers.


You may find more information about Student Seminars in Graduate Handbooks


Seminars are usually held on Thursdays at 9:00 AM in room 507-509 located at the Duff Medical Building. Please check regularly as changes to the schedule are made frequently.

Graduate Student Seminar Schedule- Winter 2014