McGill Multiplexing, Peptide, & SPR Facilities

The Duff Gatehouse Cores provide academic and industrial researchers with open access to leading-edge equipment, personalized research services, and training that are vital to understanding health, disease, and therapeutic design.  Our multi-user facilities ( include:

Multiplexing (MSD):  Superior to classical ELISA and Western blot assays, our new Mesoscale SI2400 system ( simplifies the quantification of multiple targets (e.g. up to 10 cytokines or biomarkers in a single 96-well assay), thereby saving you time, money, and precious sample volume.

Peptide Synthesis:  Specializing in difficult syntheses, top purity, and timely turnaround, our Peptide Facility generates high-quality biological mimetics for detailed structure-function studies (e.g. NMR, SPR, Multiplexing, etc.).

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR):  Superior to classical ELISA, RIA, and fluorescence spectroscopy, our Biacore systems ( are advancing the generation of label-free, real-time kinetic (SPR) and discovery-based proteomic (SPR-MS) studies.

In addition:

One-on-one Consultations: How can the technologies noted above enhance your research program?  Contact us to discuss a proposed project (

“How to” Workshops: MSD and SPR user symposia overview the value-added benefits of these technologies and highlight active facility projects.

“Luv Your Pipettes” Clinics: On-site servicing and calibrations by Mandel Scientific provide 1-year, worry-free protection and precision for your pipettes (all makes and models, plus exchange program).