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Flow Cytometry Fees

Department McGill Academia Corporate
Training (mandatory) $350/1-3 Trainees $350/1-3 Trainees $350/1-3 Trainees $500/Trainees
FACSCalibur unassited $36/hr $41/hr $46/hr $100/hr
FACSCalibur assited $88/hr $93/hr $98/hr $160/hr
FACSCanto II unassisted $40/hr $45/hr $50/hr $100/hr
FACSCanto II assisted $90/hr $95/hr $100/hr $180/hr
BD LSR Fortessa unassisted $40/hr $45/hr $50/hr $100/hr
BD LSR Fortessa assisted $90/hr $95/hr $100/hr $180/hr
 Cell Sorting (assisted only) $70/hr $75/hr $80/hr $160/hr
FlowJo dongle $5/hr $5/hr $5/hr $20/hr


Training is mandatory for any new user to ensure that all users of the facility have sufficient background knowledge to successfully design experiments, properly operate the facility’s equipment and analyze their flow cytometry data with confidence. Once trained, users are granted 24/7 access to the facility. While users are strongly encouraged to reach the ability to run samples and analyze data independently, the facility also offers operator-assisted acquisition. Appointments for training or assisted acquisition can be made by contacting the Camille [dot] stegen [at] mcgill [dot] ca (facility manager ). Users are not allowed to train anyone.


Principal investigators will be asked to provide a FOAPAL or PO number to cover services for the current fiscal year. A monthly invoice will be provided at the beginning of each month, for the previous month. A FOAPAL or PO number must be provided prior to training.