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Users are invited to book appointments using the facility's on-line booking system. Please contact the facility manager to get access to it. As this is a first come first serve service, users must book their appointments in advance. Users are asked to book only for the time they really need as overbooking will not be accepted. In case of user priority issues, the facility manager will make the final decision.

IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION YOU MUST DO SO A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS BEFORE THE STARTING TIME OF YOUR RESERVATION. If you do not cancel within 24 hours, you will be responsible for booking this time and will be billed.

While the manager performs the equipment startup and calibration, users are responsible for cleaning the cytometers (5 min of bleach followed by 5 min of FACSRinse then 5 min of H20, emptying the waste tank and refilling the PBS tank) at the end of their acquisition. Please book your appointments accordingly!

For cell sorting:

Users wishing to book time on the cell sorter must absolutely contact the camille [dot] stegen [at] mail [dot] ca (facility manager). A meeting will then be scheduled to discuss the experiment. Please note that the cell sorter is operated exclusively by the facility manager.