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Training and Fees

Each individual interested in using our facility must receive on-site training prior to gaining room access and microscope use. Training sessions will take 3-4 hours and are $470/person (one additional person may be trained per session for an additional $65). This one time non-refundable fee, paid up front, will be recouped by the user in the form of 25 non-consecutive hours of free use.

The cost of additional use is $20/hour for Full and Associate Members of the Department and $40/hour for Non-members. For more training details or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Dr. Judith Lacoste, Ph.D.

PO Box 192, STN Anjou
Montréal QC H1K 4G6
Tel.: 514.352.8547
Fax: 514.352.5154