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Ciriaco A. Piccirillo

Associate Professor, Immunology;
Member of the Center for
the Study of Host Resistance


Immunoregulation of autoimmune and infectious diseases

Montreal General Hospital
1650 Cedar Avenue
Room L11.132-144
Montreal, QC H3G 1A4
Tel: (514) 934-1934 ext: 45135
Fax: (514) 934-8332
ciro [dot] piccirillo [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

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Canada Research Chair in Regulatory Lymphocytes of the Immune System

Radio Canada article on Dr. Piccirillo (in French)

Profiled “rising star” immunologist at the Canadian Society for Immunology

Research Orientations

My research program as Canada Research Chair in Regulatory lymphocytes of the Immune System focuses on the immune regulation of autoimmune and infectious diseases mediated by naturally-occurring CD4+ regulatory T cells (nTreg), a unique population of cells with potent immunosuppressive functions in vitro an in vivo. nTreg cells constitute 1-10% of total CD4+ T cells from thymus, peripheral blood and lymphoid tissues in mice and humans. Functional abrogation of these cells in the host results in the onset of multi-organ-specific autoimmune diseases, and increases immunity to tumors, grafts, and various pathogens. Thus, nTreg cells play a central role in dampening peripheral immune responses, and contribute to the establishment of tolerance by an as-of-yet undefined mechanism.

My laboratory makes use of cutting-edge experimental strategies to characterize the relative contribution of nTreg cells as a determining factor in establishing resistance or susceptibility to autoimmune and infectious diseases. We try to characterize the functional dynamics of nTreg cell activity in human autoimmune diseases (type 1 diabetes) as well as in animal models of autoimmunity (type 1 diabetes), tumors (spontaneous breast cancer), infections (malaria), and mucosal immunity (inflammatory bowel disease). My research program makes use of standard and state-of-the-art molecular, proteomic, biochemical, cellular and imaging approaches to characterize the behavior of nTreg cells in health and disease.


Selected Recent Publications

M. Tritt, E. Sgouroudis, E. d’Hennezel, A. Albanese and *C.A. Piccirillo "Functional waning of naturally-occurring CD4+ regulatory T cells contributes to the onset of autoimmune diabetes." (Diabetes 2007 Oct 10; [Epub ahead of print]) * Senior corresponding author.

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