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Graduate Students Seminars


Seminars are usually held on Thursdays at 9:30 AM in room 507-509 located at the Duff Medical Building. Please check regularly as changes to the schedule are made frequently.


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New curriculum changes apply to NEW MIMM STUDENTS only:

- MIMM 214 required for all new U1 students

Infection & Immunity Seminar Series

Infection and Immunity Seminar Series are offered as the Current Topics in Microbiology course. The Department invites guest speakers to talk about their current research. The seminars are a compulsory part of our graduate program but are open to all interested participants.


My CGPA is below 3.2.  Can I still apply?

You can still apply for Graduate Studies if your CGPA is below 3.2.  The university cut-off for CGPA is 3.0, but some students with CGPAs below 3.0 can be considered if the Department believes they possess other strong attributes that would make a successful researcher or scholar.

My CGPA is too low.  Can I be admitted to do a qualifying year? 

No.  The Department does not recommend students for admission pending completion of a qualifying year. 

Benoit Cousineau

Associate Professor;
Molecular Biology/Genetics/Evolution

Mechanisms and applications of group II intron mobility;
Evolution of mobile group II introns; Lactococcus lactis live vaccines

* Dr Cousineau is accepting both summer and graduate students. He can supervise NSERC-USRA summer stages.

Honours Microbiology and Immunology program

To view the MIMM honours information session presentation, click here.

This 74-credit program combines the substantial background given by the Major program with a challenging opportunity to carry out a laboratory research project in the U-3 year.

Liberal program

This flexible 49-credit program provides students with a strong concentration in Microbiology and Immunology. Students can pursue a minor in another specialty.