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Our students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, and will receive hand-on training in the design, fabrication, characterization, integration and packaging of sensors. Students in the ISS Training Program are involved with a large number of different sensor related topics and technologies, and have access to many highly specialized and rare equipments and specialists.

To become involved with the ISS training program or for more information, please send your name, contact information, affiliations and any questions to:

Rowena Franklin
Administrator, McGill Institute for Advanced Materials
Email: administrator-MIAM [dot] engineering [at] mcgill [dot] ca
Telephone: (514)398-8718

administrator-MIAM [dot] engineering [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Join Now)


The ISS Training Program is funded in part by Funded in part by the National Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada and by the Participating Universities:  

  Training program activities hosted by McGill University     ISS hosted in concert with Universite de Sherbrooke          ISS hosted in concert with Ecole Polytechnique       ISS hosted in concert with INRS