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ISS Training Program Workshops, Short-Courses, etc.

Students enjoy discussion at the 2010 ISS Orientation Students enjoy discussion at the 2010 ISS Orientation

Please see the nested pages for details on upcoming ISS Program Events, Workshop* and Courses.

* The 2014 dates are still subject to change; the workshop material and location are to be finalized.

May 5 to 9                - ISS Microfab Workshop

May 13 &14             - ISS Surface Chemistry Workshop

May 20 & 21            - ISS Materials Characterization Workshop

May 22 & 23            - ISS Sensor Integration Workshop

June 17                    - ISS Intellectual Property Workshop

June 2-3 & 9-10        - ISS Project Management Workshop

August 26                - ISS Process Control Workshop

The ISS Program welcomes suggestions for relevant courses. To submit suggestions, please send the course name, course number, and location along with a brief description of the course and any comments to the administrator-MIAM [dot] engineering [at] mcgill [dot] ca (ISS Program). Suggestions will be reviewed by the ISS Management Committee.


The ISS Training Program is funded in part by Funded in part by the National Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada and by the Participating Universities:  

  Training program activities hosted by McGill University     ISS hosted in concert with Universite de Sherbrooke          ISS hosted in concert with Ecole Polytechnique       ISS hosted in concert with INRS