About Us

In this training program we have brought together team from four Montreal-region universities (McGill University, Ecole Polytechnique, INRS and Université de Sherbrooke) who already have a history of strong research collaboration to operate a carefully designed training program to develop the next generation of Canadian experts in integrated sensor systems.

The NSERC–CREATE Training Program in Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS) is a program designed to combine research, hands on training, seminars, professional development in the area of Sensor System related research. It also aims to promote research collaboration through exchanges and internships for graduate students, networking opportunities and through a strong interdisciplinary and/or inter-laboratory approach.

ISS does not supervise research projects, but is designed to provide tools to assist students working under an existing supervisor.

The Integrated Sensor Systems Training Program focuses on the design, fabrication or testing of sensor devices, the development of materials that are required for sensors, the processing of signals obtained from sensors, sensor integration and packaging. Special emphasis is placed on the research involving minimization, packaging and the use of micro and nano technologies for sensing.

This program is a subunit of the McGill Institute for Advanced Materials in the Department of Engineering. It is open to students in any member university, department or discipline who has a strong interest in Integrated Sensor Systems, has been accepted to work on a sensor related research project and meets the program eligibility requirements. Please note that the official language of instruction for ISS Program courses and workshops is English.

ISS Program Director

Prof. Andrew G. Kirk

Professor and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill Faculty of Engineering
Director, ISS Program and McGill ISS Representative

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
McConnell Engineering Building room 633
3480 University St.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A-2A7

E-mail: andrew.kirk [at] mcgill.ca


ISS Program Administrator and Coordinator

Ms. Aube Mamias

Administrator (Acting), McGill Institute for Advanced Materials

Ms. Rowena Franklin

Administrator (On Leave), McGill Institute for Advanced Materials

Frank Dawson Adams Building, Room 6C
3450 University Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A OE8

Tel: (514) 398-8718

E-mail: administrator-MIAM.engineering [at] mcgill.ca