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Faculty Aerospace Researchers


A presentation-style overview of professors' research profiles is available at: McGill Aerospace Researchers


Thales Canada

Projects available at Thales


About the MIAE

MIAE is an initiative of the Lorne Trottier Chair in Aerospace Engineering to foster interest in Aerospace Engineering among undergraduate and graduate students and awareness of the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment in which they may work as future engineers working in the Aerospace Industry. Students accepted into the Institute will be given the opportunity to participate in a number of 500 to 1000 hours Research Projects proposed by the Aerospace Companies.

Industry Info

Please use MIAE Industry Project Template below to present Project Statements of Work (SOW). For additional information, please contact MIAE AA, aerospace [dot] engineering [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Linda Chernabrow) .

MIAE Students

MIAE Student Executive 2016-2017

Meet the MIAE Student Executive at various events from now until May 2017.

Stacie Liang, President

Grace Wijaya, Vice President

Shayan Mantegh, VP Internal

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steve [dot] yue [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: MIAE%20contact%20us) (Prof. Steve Yue)


linda [dot] chernabrow [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: MIAE%20contact%20us) (Linda Chernabrow)