Research Facilities

McGill aerospace engineering researchers run advanced lab facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. These are housed across departments and units within the Faculty of Engineering, and at the $7.8-million McGill Aerospace Materials & Alloy Development Centre located at the National Research Council (NRC) in Boucherville, QC.  

Aerodynamics Lab  (Profs Tim Lee and Laurent Mydlarski)
Aerospace Mechatronics Lab   (Profs Inna Sharf and Meyer Nahon)
Alternative Fuels Lab  (Prof Jeff Bergthorson)
Applied Dynamics Group  (Prof Jozsef Kovecses)
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab  (Profs Wagdi Habashi and Siva Nadarajah)
• Cold Spray Facility   (Prof Steve Yue)
• Fluid-structure Interaction Lab  (Profs Marco Amabili and Michael Païdossis)
• Hot Deformation, Mechanical Testing and Coatings Lab (Profs Steve Yue and John Jonas)
Industrial Automation Lab  (Prof Benoit Boulet)
• Multi-scale Mechanics and Design Optimization Lab  (Prof Damiano Pasini)
• NAIN - Nanomaterials Lab  (Prof Mathieu Brochu)
Robotic Mechanical Systems Lab  (Profs Jorge Angeles and Arun Misra)
• Space Flight Dynamics Lab  (Prof Arun Misra)
Structural Dynamics and Vibration Lab  (Prof Mathias Legrand)
Structures and Composite Materials Lab  (Profs Pascal Hubert and Larry Lessard)
• Vibration Experiments and Hydrodynamics Lab  (Prof Marco Amabili)