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MForum Elections


Elections are only held should there be more than six nominations received. Nominees must then submit a statement (100 word maximum) about why they wish to be elected. This process is conducted through the mail, through a secret ballot, where all regular management staff are asked to vote through this secret mail-in ballot. The six (6) nominees who receive the greatest numbers of votes are then elected to join the MFSC.

Management Forum Steering Committee

 The Management Forum Steering Committee is composed of 10 members from regular management level positions. Five members will continue to serve the second year of their two-year mandate and five new members will be elected for a two-year term. The committee is composed of a Chair, a Vice-chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Webmaster. All members participate in organizing the events throughout the year! Committee meetings are held once per month during the lunch hour. The new term starts on June 1st.