Awards, Prizes, and Fellowships

The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences is proud to be able to offer the following awards, prizes, and fellowships to its students in recognition of their strong academic records.

Nomination Process

Nominations for all of the Department's awards, prizes, and fellowships are made by the Department's Fellowships Committee Nominations are made to the Department's Awards Committee who make a final determination on which candidate will receive the award, prize, or fellowship.

J. S. Marshall Prize

The Marshall prize was established in 1995 by alumni contributions to the Department, in memory of Professor J. Stewart Marshall. The Marshall Prize is awarded annually or at the discretion of the Department, to the student graduating from the undergraduate program who holds the most outstanding academic record. The award is valued at $300.


To make a donation to one of the awards, prizes, or fellowships in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, please see Opportunities to give