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General Information

For admission, contact:

Service Point
3415 McTavish St. (corner Sherbrooke)
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C8

Many sources of information are available to you in planning your academic program, exploring career opportunities, and clarifying policies and procedures. This excerpt from the Freshman Handbook has been prepared as a reference and a guide and not as a substitute for personal contact between yourself and your academic advisor.

You will be meeting with an adviser during Orientation Week, and you are strongly encouraged to meet with an adviser during the academic year if you have problems or questions. If you wish to do so, you may register for courses using Minerva, McGill's information system, before you meet with your adviser. At your advising appointment you will be able to confirm your course choice, ask your advisor questions, and discuss your future goals. If you expect to have commitments which will take you a considerable amount of time during the school year, you should be sure to discuss this with your advisor.

If you miss your advising appointment, you should contact the department as soon as possible during the first week of classes. However, once classes have started, you may find that the advisor you eventually see is unable to approve your choice of courses. You may need to make changes, but may then find that the courses you wish to take are full, or that you have missed the first few lectures of the course(s).

Other Sources of Information

There are three primary sources of help and information available to students at McGill: advisors in the Faculty Student Affairs Office, departmental advisors, and general student services.

Advisors in the Student Affairs Office

In addition to providing general advising to all undergraduate students, advisors in the Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising are responsible for advising all incoming Science freshman students (97 to 120 credit degree).

If you don't know where to go for your particular problem, ask someone in the Student Affairs Office in Dawson Hall. If they can't help you, they will, in most instances, find out who can.

Peer Advisers

The Peer Adviser Program is a joint effort between the Student Affairs Office of the Facilities of Arts & Science, the Arts Undergraduate Society, and the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS). The goal of this program is to complement the services provided by the Student Affairs Office by providing trained senior undergraduate students whom you can consult on an anonymous basis.

Peer advisers will be available to help you from September to November, and from January to March, on a drop-in basis. You should contact the Student Affairs Office at the beginning of the fall term for the room location.

Departmental Advisors

Departmental advisors are responsible for the degree programs which are administered by their departments. The most important function of the departmental advisors is to advise and assist students in realistic and meaningful program planning. The current Department's Undergraduate Advisor can be found here

General Student Services

In addition to faculty and departmental advisors, McGill offers a wide array of student services to assist you during your stay at McGill.

Counselling Service

The counselling service offers individual and group counselling. In previous years they have offered sessions to deal with test anxiety, organization and study skills, building self-esteem, living with loss, and various other issues which may be of concern to students.

Career and Planning Services (C.a.P.S.)

Career and Planning Services offer a variety of services for students, including a job postings and career development workshops. In addition, counsellors are available to help you on an individual basis.

First-Year Coordinator

To ensure that your transition into the academic and social life at McGill University is as smooth as possible, the Office of the Dean of Students has recently named a First-Year Coordinator. The Coordinator will act as a resource person to incoming students and parents requiring information related to services available across campus and will establish links with areas of the University that offer services to students in order to have all pertinent information in one central location.

If you wish to contact the First-Year Coordinator, call 514-398-6913 or stop by the William and Mary Brown Student Services Building. You may contact the coordinator by firstyear [at] stuserv [dot] lan [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (email).

For additional information about Student Services please consult the booklet "The Guide to Student Services ", available in the Office of the Dean of Students, 3600 McTavish Street.

Other Resources

IT Services:

McGill's IT Services offers a wide variety of seminars for students, provides information about McGill's computer labs, and offers assistance in accessing McGill's computer network and can provide you with access to electronic mail and Internet access.


Library services include orientation lectures and tours, instructional seminars for students, as well as assistance in using research facilities such as the CD ROMs or OVID (McGill University Libraries' Online Database). Our current library liaison officer can be found here.

Reading/Writing Workshops:

The Faculty of Education, 3700 McTavish, offers workshops for students on subjects such as reading for comprehension and retention, writing term papers, and writing essay or multiple choice exams.