Prof. John Gyakum

John  Gyakum

Synoptic and Dynamic Meteorology

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Research interests

Extratropical transformations and extratropical cyclones

Current research focuses on the dynamical processes associated with tropical cyclones that ultimately affect the Atlantic Canada provinces (Milrad et al 2009a). These cases typically transform from a warm core convectively driven disturbance into a cold core extratropical system. During this latter phase, however, these and other extratropical weather systems are often responsible for copious amounts of rainfall in the Atlantic provinces (Milrad et al 2009b). Work is in progress investigating the processes by which the cyclones transform from tropical to extratropical systems. Additional research is being conducted on the roles that surface fluxes of heat and moisture play in the evolution of these extratropical transformations.

Heavy precipitation events and water vapour transport to extratropical latitudes

We are studying the roles that especially strong poleward moisture transports (Roberge et al. 2009) play in the dynamics of precipitating high-latitude weather systems. One example of a tropical moisture source playing an important role in precipitation is that of the recent Ice Storm that devastated portions of the eastern Canadian Provinces and the northeastern United States. We are using high-resolution atmospheric models to study the evolution of precipitating systems within the Saint Lawrence River valley surrounding Montreal. Such precipitation events are often strongly influenced by the orographically-channeled flow (Carrera et al. 2009) in the region.

Some recent publications

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