Undergraduate Programs

Program Information:

For students who registered for MES in Fall 2009 and after.

For students who registered for MES before Fall 2009.


Am I taking the courses required for my program?

Current students: you can now use our new degree audit sheets to verify if you are on the right track!

How does it work?

You select the appropriate degree audit sheet for your program and the course list.

Use the degree audit checklist in conjunction with the course list to check off the credits you have obtained so far or courses in progress. Write in the course numbers that fill those requirements on the blank lines.

Note that this is a tool to aid you in selecting your courses and determining requirements you have met and which ones you still require. This is not a formal degree evaluation.

Should you wish to confirm the degree audit you did yourself with a student advisor or the program chair, please contact them by email to make an appointment or drop in during office hours. It is recommended that you bring the degree audit page you worked on with you.