Graduate Studies

At the MA and PhD level, McGill offers a wealth of teaching and research resources on the Middle East. These are organized within disciplinary programs—there are no graduate degrees in Middle East Studies as such.

The Institute of Islamic Studies offers a broad array of courses on Islamic history, theology, law, and culture, plus full instructional support in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu. With 15 faculty members and more than 60 graduate students in the program in any one time, it represents one of the largest such programs outside the Islamic world.

The Department of Political Science also has very considerable strength in the area of Middle East Studies. Indeed, with four faculty members specializing in this area, it offers more expertise on contemporary Middle East politics than any other political science department in North America. Particular areas of expertise include international relations, regional security (including both its traditional and "non-traditional" elements), peacebuilding, refugees, and political development.

The Department of Jewish Studies offers MA and PhD degrees, with specializations in Jewish education, culture and theology. It also provides full support for Hebrew language instruction and studies.

In addition, there are a number of faculty members with Middle East/Islamic specializations in the departments of Anthropology, History, Philosophy and elsewhere. Further information can be obtained by directly contacting the relevant department.

Support for graduate research (including research assistantships, and office and computer facilities) are available through Montreal's Inter-University Consortium for Arab Studies.