Middle East Studies Program

The Islamic Studies Library is just one resource available to students.

The Middle East Studies program has been enriched, expanded and renamed World Islamic and Middle East Studies. If you are a new student starting in Fall 2014 or later, you may register for the World Islamic and Middle East Studies program at the Institute of Islamic Studies. If you are registered in Middle East Studies, you may choose to remain in Middle East Studies or opt to switch to the World Islamic and Middle East Studies program. If you need to see an academic advisor, please send an email to: info.islamics [at] mcgill.ca (info islamics).

The Middle East Studies program is designed for students who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary program of study focusing on the Middle East since the rise of Islam. Courses offered include language, history, religion and philosophy, political science, and anthropology. From these are drawn combinations which make up the Major and Minor concentrations, Honours, and Joint Honours in Middle East Studies.

McGill University offers a variety of research and teaching resources pertaining to the Middle East. These include the Institute of Islamic Studies, the Institute for the Study of International Development, and the Inter-University Consortium for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies.

Both ISID and ICAMES maintain resource and documentation centers. The Islamic Studies Library maintains a collection of more than 100,000 volumes on all aspects of Islam and the Middle East, in addition to the regular holdings of the university library. Additional resources exist at Montreal's three other universities.

Finally, Montreal itself -- a large cosmopolitan city, with large vibrant communities of Middle Eastern origin -- is a significant resource in and of itself (a point underscored by the more than a dozen Middle Eastern restaurants within a few minutes walk of the McGill campus!)