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Our Philosophy

McGill EDP's is based on the following tenets:

Understanding of Eating Disorders
We acknowledge that eating disorders are complex and caused and maintained by multiple factors. They occur in a social and cultural environment that fosters unhealthy and often unrealistic ideas about weight and shape. They are unhealthy coping mechanisms used in an attempt to deal with life stresses and traumas and can be associated with underlying psychological issues. Therefore, we try to help our clients discover healthier alternatives and to address these underlying issues.

Promotion of Autonomy
We respect each client’s individuality and encourage each one to particpate actively in his/her own growth and recovery. Treatment is collaborative rather than imposed, interactive rather than passive. Self-responsibility is encouraged and supported at all stages of treatment.

The Path Towards Recovery
We believe that recovery is worthwhile and possible goal for every individual, no matter how long he or she has struggled with an eating disorder. Recovery is a stepwise process that may involve relapse. It is an opportunity leading to new insights and healthy choices. We strongly believe in the importance of self-awareness and discovery.

Multi-disciplinary approach
We believe that treatment is best delivered by a group of competent healthcare professionals with varied training and experience—psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, dietician, nurses and family physicians. Together they contribute a holistic understanding of each individual and provide a treatment tailored to each client’s unique needs for psychological, medical, nutritional and spiritual guidance.

Safe and Supportive Environment
We believe in the importance of educating our clients but also McGill students and staff at large. It is our aim to reduce the stigma attached to eating disorders and to facilitate understanding and access to treatment of these disorders within the McGill community.