What to expect for your first appointment

A multidisciplinary assessment will be your very first appointment and takes place on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday mornings. A student coming in for an assessment will be seen by our dietician and psychiatrist. Therefore, the assessment lasts approximately 3 hours and normally runs from 9:45 – 12:30 (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday). Subsequent follow-up appointments have a much more flexible schedule.

Our team believes that it is important that a student receives a full and thorough assessment to ensure that the best treatment plans are being made. Our program also emphasizes group therapy, and the student will almost always be encouraged to join one of our groups that would be appropriate.

After the assessment, students will come back for a feedback appointment. The members of the team discuss the results of the assessment and talk with the student about what they feel will be beneficial. The student explains his/her goals and discusses his/her options with the members of the team. The student and EDP team will make a treatment plan together that works with each students individual needs.