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Consider the following food for thought...

  • 4.2% Of female university students struggle with Anorexia Nervosa and 3.8% suffer from Bulimia Nervosa
  • "61% of female American university students have some kind of subclinical eating problem, including chronic dieting, binge/purging and subclinical bulimia" (Mintz & Betz, 1988, as quoted in Yager & O’Dea, 2008)
  • "9-21% of male university students suffer from disordered eating and 2% meet the criteria to be diagnosed with clinical Bulimia Nervosa" (O’Dea and Abrahams, 2002, as quoted by Yager & O’Dea, 2

McGill Eating Disorder Program (EDP)

Eating Disorder Program

Eating disorders are very prevalent amongst university students. They are complex and are caused and maintained by multiple factors including biological, psychological and environmental factors. They are unhealthy coping mechanisms and can be associated with underlying psychological issues. Eating disorders can range from mild to moderate to severe.