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Student Research Day

In early November each year, students of the Summer Research Bursary Program are given the opportunity to showcase their work at Student Research Day. Among peers, faculty members, guests and judges, students present their summer research findings via interactive poster presentations. Although informal, this scientific meeting provides students with a valuable learning experience and faculty members with the chance to support McGill's research leaders of tomorrow.

Following the evaluation of poster presentations, various report and poster awards are announced for the summer term. Report awards for the 2 bursary programs (fall/winter) preceding the summer term are also announced.

Student Research Day 2014 was held on November 6th at New Residence Hall. The event began with a presentation from guest speaker, Dr. Kevin Petrecca, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Neurosurgeon at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital: "What is a Clinician-Scientist?  Practical Considerations"

Congratulations go out to the following award recipients:

Final Report Awards

William and Laura Victor Memorial Award
Best Fall 2013 Research Report
Value: $500
Student/Program: Mathilde Gaudreau-Simard, Medicine
Supervisor: Dr. Natalie Grizenko, Douglas Mental Health University Institute

Sir Edward W. Beatty Memorial Award
Best Winter 2014 Research Report
Value: $500
Student/Program: Fayden Bokhari, Speech-Language Pathology
Supervisor: Dr. Karsten Steinhauer, School of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Hilton J. McKeown Award
1st Place, Top Summer 2014 Research Report
Value: $500
Student/Program: Paolo Roy, Medicine
Supervisor: Dr. Diane Boivin, Douglas Mental Health University Institute

Hilton J. McKeown Award
2nd Place, Top Summer 2014 Research Report
Value: $300
Student/Program: Justina Guirguis, Medicine
Supervisor: Dr. Nicolas Cermakian, Douglas Mental Health University Institute

Israel and Ettie Bennett Award
3rd Place, Top Summer 2014 Research Report
Value: $150
Student/Program: Lee Harel-Sterling, Medicine
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Eisenberg, Jewish General Hospital 

Poster Presentation Awards

Hilton J. McKeown Award
1st Place, Outstanding Poster Presentation
Value: $500
Student/Program: Octavian Dobrescu, Medicine
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Weber, Montreal General Hospital

Hilton J. McKeown Award
2nd Place, Outstanding Poster Presentation
Value: $300
Student/Program: Bing Yu Chen, Medicine
Supervisor: Dr. Pierre Lachapelle, Montreal Children's Hospital

Hilton J. McKeown Award
3rd Place, Outstanding Poster Presentation
Value: $150
Student/Program: Gabriel Devlin, Medicine
Supervisor: Dr. Dan Deckelbaum, Montreal General Hospital