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James McGill / William Dawson program

The James McGill Professor award recognizes a senior scholar’s status as outstanding and original researcher of world-class caliber and a leader in his or her field similar to that of the CRC Tier I. James McGill Professors must be tenured full professors or soon to be promoted to the rank of full professor. They hold the award for a seven-year term, indefinitely renewable.

The William Dawson Scholar award recognizes a scholar developing into an outstanding and original researcher of world-class caliber who is poised to become a leader in his or her field, similar to that of a CRC Tier II. William Dawson Scholars must be tenure-track assistant or associate professors. They receive the award for a five-year term.

The Research office guides and facilitates the submission process of renewal applications in collaboration with the investigator and the Associate Provost’s Planning and Budgets Office (APPBO).

New nominations must be brought forward to the Provost’s office for approval and include a letter of recommendation from the Departmental Chair and the Faculty, as well as a complete CV.

James Mcgill/William Dawson program