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Teaching Scholars Program

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Teaching Scholar Graduates (2006-2007)

The 2010-11 Scholars: Drs. Sero Andonian, Catherine Paquet, Amira El-Messidi, & Vincent Ponette.

The Teaching Scholars Program is a joint initiative between the Centre for Medical Education and the Faculty Development Office designed to encourage the professional development of basic science and clinical teachers at McGill. In particular, this year-long program is designed to permit a number of individuals to increase their expertise in developing educational programs and to take on leadership roles in education.

The program touches on four major themes:

  • Curriculum design and innovation;
  • Effective teaching methods and evaluation strategies;
  • Program evaluation; and
  • Research and scholarly activity in medical/health sciences education.

Program Description

The Teaching Scholars Program is designed to enable health care professionals and basic scientists to improve their educational skills while maintaining most of their clinical, teaching, and research responsibilities. The overall program, which is tailored to the individual needs of the participants, will consist of:

  • Participation in the weekly Thursday morning meetings at the Centre for Medical Education, as well as all Centre events;
  • Two University courses, in the Departments of Education, Epidemiology and/or Management;and
  • Independent study  and personal project related to curriculum design, the improvement of teaching methods and evaluation strategies, and research in medical/health sciences education.

Participation in workshops and seminars sponsored by the Faculty Development Office is also encouraged, as is, attending a national or international conference on education in the health professions.

To benefit from this program, participants will need to devote a minimum of two half-days during the working week to attend their course and the Centre meetings and reserve additional personal time (approx. 6-8 hours per week) to complete their course work and independent study, over a twelve month period.

Direct costs to the scholar include tuition and course materials.

Please Note: the Teaching Scholars Program is not available for the 2016-2017 academic year.