IMEX (International Medical Educators EXchange) is a collaboration between five medical education institutions, to promote faculty development for educational leaders by enabling site visits to the collaborating locations.  The next McGill IMEX Exchange will be in Spring 2018.

The site locations are as follows:

University Medical Centre Utrecht – Utrecht, The Netherlands
McGill University Faculty of Medicine – Montreal, Canada
Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine – Halifax, Canada
Karolinska Institutet Faculty of Medicine – Stockholm, Sweden
St. George's Hospital Medical School – London, United Kingdom

We welcome participants from all Faculties and Schools of Medicine. Participants required to commit to at least three site visits within two-year time frame. The primary aim of the IMEX site visits is to acquire knowledge about the practice of medical education in other schools "from the inside", by being on site, talking to professors and students, observing and discussing education, and engaging in as many activities as possible. During the site visits, the scholars are encouraged to arrange personal meetings with colleagues, both new and old, to explore common interests and stimulate collaboration.

McGill hosted its fourth IMEX site visit from May 26-30, 2014.

The IMEX participants who visited McGill University in 2014 were:

Stewart Cameron, MD – Dalhousie University
Lars Henningsohn, MD – Karolinska Institutet
Katherine Joekes, PhD - St. George's University of London
Markus Martin, MD – McGill University
Henk. W.R. Schreuder, MD - Utrecht University
Anders Sondén, MD – Karolinska Institutet
H.E. Westerveld, MD - Utrecht University

IMEX 2014 - Montreal
Back row: Dr. L. Snell, Dr. M. Martin, Dr. L. Henningsohn, Dr. H.E. Westerveld, Ms. M. Como, and Dr. Y. Steinert
Row 3: Ms. A. Lew, Ms. J. Nicholls, Dr. H. Schreuder, and Ms. C. Regier
Row 2: Dr. A. Sondén and Dr. K. Joekes
Front row: Dr. S. Cameron

The IMEX program included: an overview of the Centre for Medical Education and Faculty Development Office at McGill; an overview of the curriculums (undergraduate and postgraduate); visits to clinical teaching sites; a tour of the McGill campus; a workshop on Improving the Learning Environment with up to 35 faculty members of the McGill Faculty of Medicine; opportunities to meet students and fellows; and much more.

For more information on IMEX, please visit the IMEX website.