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McIntosh: A year later, the Trudeau government still drags its feet on welfare of First Nations children

A year ago this week, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal released the landmark Caring Society decision, which found that the federal government had discriminated against First Nations children by providing insufficient funding for First Nations child and family services. It also found that the federal funding structure for these services incentivized removing children from their homes, thus perpetuating historical disadvantages against Aboriginal peoples, mainly through the Residential Schools system. 

Published: 30 Jan 2017

Opinion: Equipping children with the digital literacy skills they need

Literacy goes beyond the ability to read the words on this page. Every day, we use reading and writing skills to get information, express ourselves, solve problems and stay connected with the world. Literacy is essential in almost every aspect of modern life and increasingly, we are we are reading and writing with digital tools — cellphones, tablets and computers. Op-ed by Susan Rvachew, professor at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at McGill

Published: 27 Jan 2017

Potter: It's inconvenient, truth. But abandoning it is worse

So if I, say, declare that “the sky is blue,” and you respond “the sky is a ham sandwich,” the real problem is not that I am speaking truth and you are uttering alt-facts (or, more simply, lying). The real issue is that we are no longer two humans speaking a common language. We have been reduced to two bipedal mammals making guttural utterances at one another. We might as well be hooting at the trees and beating our chests.

Published: 27 Jan 2017

Bell Let’s Talk supports mental health with The Neuro

Project will enhance mental health access for multicultural communities

On Jan. 18, 2017, Bell Let’s Talk announced a donation of $250,000 to McGill University’s Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – known as The Neuro – to fund the development of online mental health resources focused on the needs of multicultural communities.

Published: 18 Jan 2017

HEADS UP On The Concussion Issue to raise awareness of head injury

An all-star lineup of experts in the fields of sports and neurology will share a stage on Jan. 27 to discuss concussions, a serious injury that has only recently been getting the attention it deserves.

Published: 11 Jan 2017

Rise in TB?

Olivia Oxlade, one of the authors is an epidemiologist at McGill University’s TB centre. 

Published: 10 Jan 2017

Lack of joy from music linked to brain disconnection

Have you ever met someone who just wasn’t into music? They may have a condition called specific musical anhedonia, which affects three-to-five per cent of the population.

Researchers at the University of Barcelona and the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital of McGill University have discovered that people with this condition showed reduced functional connectivity between cortical regions responsible for processing sound and subcortical regions related to reward.

Published: 4 Jan 2017

Breakthrough in MS treatment

Drug shown to reduce new attacks/symptom progression in some patients

In separate clinical trials, a drug called ocrelizumab has been shown to reduce new attacks in patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS), and new symptom progression in primary progressive MS.

Published: 22 Dec 2016

Dr. Gustavo Turecki granted Tier 1-Canada Research Chair in Major Depressive Disorder and Suicide

Congratulations to Dr. Gustavo Turecki on being granted Tier 1-Canada Research Chair in Major Depressive Disorder and Suicide.  

To read more, please visit:



Published: 13 Dec 2016

Dr. Gustavo Turecki awarded Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards NARSAD Distinguished investigator Grant

Dr. Gustavo Turecki was awarded Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards NARSAD Distinguished investigator Grant.

For more details, please see attachment.

Published: 9 Dec 2016

How HIV affects the brain

Study tracks patients to better understand effects and possible treatments

December 1 is World AIDS Day, a time to raise awareness about a disease that has afflicted 70 million people worldwide, 35 million of whom have died as a result.

Published: 1 Dec 2016

Resident Awards Night 2016 Announcement

Awards Night 2016

Dear Residents and Faculty,

The Resident Awards Night took place at the Thomson House on November 24th. I would like to thank the MPRA and the Department of Psychiatry for making this a special evening where we were able to honor Faculty and Resident achievements.

Faculty Awards

Best Clinical Supervisor for Senior residents

Winner: Dr. Viviane Zicherman

Published: 28 Nov 2016

Epileptic encephalopathy linked to protein trafficking gene

Researchers have linked a debilitating neurological disease in children to mutations in a gene that regulates neuronal development through control of protein movement within neuronal cells.

Published: 28 Nov 2016

MNI researchers receive funding to study ARSACS

Two researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (MNI) of McGill University have received funding to study a devastating neurodegenerative disease that first appears in toddlers just as they are beginning to walk.

Published: 24 Nov 2016

Major ALS Research Funding Announced

MNI scientists will study stem cells, genetic mutations to develop new treatments

Researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University who are playing key roles in uncovering the mechanisms underlying ALS will share in $3.9 million in research funding, part of $4.5 million announced on Nov. 23 by the ALS Society of Canada in partnership with Brain Canada.

Published: 23 Nov 2016