Olfactory perception influenced by background and semantic information

Published: 21Nov2016

When two people smell the same thing, they can have remarkably different reactions, depending on their cultural background. Researchers at the Neuro have found that even when two cultures share the...

HEADS UP On The Concussion Issue


An all-star lineup of experts in the fields of sports and neurology will share a stage on Jan. 27 to discuss concussions, a serious injury that has only recently been getting the attention it...

Data Science suggests that Shakespeare may have had a famous co-author on three of his plays

Published: 1Nov2016

The title page of the new Oxford edition of Shakespeare's three Henry VI plays will, for the first time ever, include the words "by William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe". Most people have...

Researchers identify gene associated with intracranial aneurysm in French-Canadian population

Published: 31Oct2016

Scientists have identified a gene in the French-Canadian population that predisposes them to the development of intracranial aneurysm (IA), a potentially life threatening neurological condition...

Documentaire "Société de performance"

Published: 27Oct2016

Dr. Lila Amirali parle de l'axiété et de ce qui peut engendrer une phobie scolaire chez les enfants en documentaire, "Société de Performance"....

Dr. Peter Roper awarded rank of Knight in the National order of the Legion of Honour

Published: 26Oct2016

Dr. Peter Roper has been awarded the rank of Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honour....

BioConnect Montréal


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Essential tremor sufferers needed for groundbreaking study

Published: 21Oct2016

You probably know someone who has it. It is the most common movement disorder, yet most people don’t even know its name....

Dr. Gustavo Turecki awarded Le prix Acfas Léo-Pariseau 2016

Published: 19Oct2016

Congratulations to Dr. Gustavo Turecki on being awarded Le prix Acfas Léo-Pariseau 2016 Click here for more details.

Obituary-Dr. Bernardo Durbovsky

Published: 18Oct2016

DUBROVSKY, Dr. Bernardo O., MD November 28, 1938 – October 7, 2016