An Anxious History of Valium

Published: 19Nov2013

What a drag it is getting old—or is it? Valium's heyday is long past, but it lives on as a cultural icon "Mother needs something today to calm her down," goes the 1966 Rolling Stones hit "Mother...

Save the date: Research Seminar, Dr. Carmen Sapienza


MUHC-Montreal Children's Hospital Research Institute Research Seminar The Epigenome as Molecular Fossil Record of Environmental Exposures Dr. Carmen Sapienza

Prostate cancer: Québec injects $3.7 million into research

Published: 6Nov2013

The Government of Québec awarded nearly $1.8 million to researchers at l'Université Laval for a study related to prostate cancer that will focus on the links between the environment and this form...

App helps kids (and parents) get ready for surgery

Published: 31Oct2013

Andrew Feng is a bright 6-year-old boy who loves to play the online strategy game Clash of the Clans and go trick-or-treating on Halloween. This Halloween, however, he will be undergoing surgery to...

Scientists examine the causes and treatment of addictive behaviour

Published: 31Oct2013

Addiction comes in many forms: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling have been the types that traditionally plagued society. In recent years, the proliferation of technology has led to the rise...

Moms With Lupus More Likely to Have Children With Autism, Study Suggests

Published: 31Oct2013

Women with lupus are twice as likely to have a child with autism compared to mothers without the autoimmune disease, new, preliminary research finds. However, the overall risk is still low and the...

International Conference on Multilingualism


The School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at McGill University, with the support of the Cen/medicineCategory: Medicine Research

IRCM scientists find a novel research model for the study of auto-immune diseases

Published: 24Jul2013

Montréal researchers are the first to isolate two important mechanisms that produce antibodies