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Employment Opportunity: Clinical-track Position in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

The Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University, invites applications for a non-tenure, clinical track position in Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology.  Candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in dentistry, have relevant specialist training and have the potential to be licensable to practice in Quebec.  Rank and salary will be commensurate with education and experience. 

Responsibilities will include undergraduate teaching and administration.  A working knowledge of French will be advantageous.  Intramural private practice facilities are available.

Published: 28Jul2015

The BIC Cyclotron/PET Unit receives support from the L&A Edwards Foundation and key users

We are glad to announce that the Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation is now providing generous support to the BIC PET and Cyclotron Unit, through a grant obtained by long-time BIC user and affiliated member Dr. Petra Schweinhardt, Assistant Professor at McGill's Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain. This grant goes towards supporting the highly-qualified personnel of our Cyclotron/PET Unit.

Published: 27Jul2015

Course open for registration: Topics in Radionuclide Imaging

BIC Prof. Alexey Kostikov offers course on PET radiochemistry in the fall of 2015

Published: 23Jul2015

Congratulations to Dr. Annie Trepanier and Dr. Aris Hadjinicolaou!

Dear psychiatry residents and faculty members,

Please join me in applauding two of our residents who have assumed very important leadership roles.

On behalf of myself and our residency program I heartily congratulate Dr. Annie Trepanier, an R5 in our program, for taking on the role of president of the Federation of Medical Residents of Quebec and Dr. Aris Hadjinicolaou for stepping up as president of the Association of Residents of McGill.

Published: 21Jul2015

Dr. Dagher receives major Foundation grant from CIHR

BIC Principal investigator Dr. Alain Dagher receives $2.1M in Foundation grant from CIHR to study the brain's dopamine systems with brain imaging.

Functional Neuroimaging of dopamine systems: application to Parkinson's Disease, addiction and obesity.

The main goal is to understand the function of brain systems involved in reward, motivation, learning and decision-making. 

Published: 16Jul2015

The BIC 'Colin27' brain makes history and enters museum in Europe

The Museum of Natural Sciences of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences has just opened a new permanent exhibition in Brussels: 'The gallery of Humankind'. The Museum has asked Dr. D. Louis Collins whether they could produce a 3-D print of the historical Colin27 brain. This brain is that of a human volunteer scanned 27 times in an MRI, back in 1998.

Published: 10Jul2015

Big imaging data in action: large-scale analysis of 10,000 MRI volumes reveals fluctuations in brain size depending on time of the day

Diurnal fluctuations in brain volume

The brain shrinks over the course of the day, ending up smaller in the evening – before returning to its full size the next morning. That’s according to a new study from BIC Principal Investigators Arnold and Collins and collaborators, based on an analysis of about 10,000 MRI scans.

Published: 9Jul2015

Dr. Baillet and collaborator wins McGill's first Biomedical Engineering Collaborative Research Project competition

Professors Sylvain Baillet (BIC Principal investigator) and Matt Kinsella (Dept of Bioengineering) have won the first Biomedical Engineering Collaborative Research Project competition held by McGill’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, for their project titled:

Millisecond in vivo imaging of nanoparticle circulation and uptake in brain cancer therapy. 

Read more.

Published: 9Jul2015

Stroke month - June

Time is brain: for every minute a stroke is left untreated, 2 million brain cells are destroyed. The sooner patients are treated, the higher the chances of survival with fewer disabilities.  Patients with acute strokes and transient ischemic attack (TIA) are assessed and treated at the right place, the right time and by the right professionals thanks to ultra-specialized stroke centres at the Montreal General Hospital  and The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital.

Published: 22Jun2015