Quebec’s strategy on electric vehicles is too expensive, Ecofiscal says

Published: 8Jun2017

Still, Ecofiscal chairman Chris Ragan – an economist at McGill University – said future governments should raise the levy significantly after 2022, and could offset the impact of a higher carbon...

2nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Gynecologic Excellence


DELTA HOTELS MONTREAL 475 President-Kennedy Avenue Montreal, Quebec  H3A 1J7  Canada Our goals for this meeting include:/medicineCategory: Medicine Research

Breaking down the myths of health-care management

Published: 7Jun2017

Health care is about serving people. Yet it is being managed badly, with serious consequences to patients, argues celebrated McGill University management professor Henry Mintzberg. He calls it an...

Emotional convocation for McGill law grad who escaped Rwandan genocide

Published: 6Jun2017

Moses Gashirabake is a confident, distinguished, sharply dressed 28-year-old who is normally completely composed. But after his convocation ceremony at McGill University, with degrees in both civil...

Opinion: McGill can help retail sector thrive amid change

Published: 5Jun2017

Overall, there is a wealth of expertise in retailing at McGill to draw from, a vibrant history in Montreal to build upon, and definitely a very bright future to shape....

Bizarre black holes revealed by new space-time ripples

Published: 2Jun2017

“The universe still contains mysteries,” says astrophysicist Daryl Haggardof McGill University. “We thought we were walking through the world knowing how black holes happened, and now we’re seeing...

ALS – Fostering awareness of a devastating disease

Published: 2Jun2017

ALS takes away the patient’s motor functions one at a time, and the progress of finding effective drugs to counter its insidious effects has been slow. June is ALS Month, a good time to update the...

Montreal surgeon 1st in North America to use augmented reality technology on sinus patients

Published: 1Jun2017

A surgeon at Montreal's McGill University Health Centre is breaking ground by using a new medical technology — augmented reality — for sinus operations. Read more: CBC News

June is Stroke Month

Published: 1Jun2017

The Neuro is an important centre for stroke care in Montreal...